The Virtues behind “Ah Long Loans Data”

Loaning data sounds weird. Never before in our Internet history, mobile subscribers are able to trade their unused mobile data bandwidth for cash. Simplify, ranked as one of the World’s 50 Most Innovative Companies just made Internet reselling a reality.If you have been scrolling your Facebook or Instagram lately, you probably came across a short comedy film called “Ah Long Loans Data” , brought to you by Simplify, to convey its underlying virtues on Internet sharing.

Reducing Data Wastage

We are taught not to waste food and water, and always conserve energy, but why are we taking mobile data bandwidth for granted? Do you know how much mobile data bandwidth (a commodity on the Internet) are being wasted on every second?

Just because it is intangible that does not mean it should not be conserved. Wireless telecoms constantly offer different types of data plan to lure consumers, thinking it is worth subscribing but at end of the day, we would realize that as a consumer, we do not need so much of mobile data. Therefore, to reduce data wastage, it leads to the second R, which is to re-channel un-utilized Internet bandwidth to others in need.

Re-channelling Unused Internet Bandwidth

Although the Internet has becoming more accessible than before, there are still 4 Billion people out there who do not have access to the Internet! Instead of wasting mobile data which have been paid for, why can’t we re-channel our unused mobile data capacity to the needy? And there goes the saying “Sharing is Caring” (p/s: sharing at a pay-per-use basis). When you re-channelling your mobile data, it simply means people are piggybacking on your mobile data, in which would help in relieving network congestion, which is the third R.

Relieving Network Congestion

If ride-sharing could relieve road traffic congestion, so does Internet-sharing. Again, it is intangible but it is a fact. Internet-sharing could help relieve mobile network congestion. Instead of having every smartphone connecting to the mobile tower individually, it can piggyback on somebody else’s data connection to reduce network control traffic. Besides that, Internet-sharing on Simplify operates over Wi-Fi channel, hence it consumes significantly less device battery than connecting on a 4G network. While one who connect on Simplify would spent less energy on the phone, they eventually help reducing carbon footprint and save our environment too.

"Now, you can sell your mobile data!"

Reselling Mobile Data to Raise Income

Apart from those noble virtues of Simplify-ing, a more cynical reason to resell mobile data is to earn cash to subsidize your monthly mobile plan! This could be the primary reason why the company has chosen to use Ah Long (loan sharks) to be the seller in this comedy video.Of course, you won’t lose out anything even if you don’t sell your unused mobile data. However, Simplify offers an opportunity to make every mobile subscriber a little Internet Service Provider to raise income in order to subsidize their own mobile data plan. It literally costs you nothing to resell your extra Internet bandwidth which you have paid for, so the question is, why not?


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