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Thrashing Your Mobile Data? Sell Them For Cash Now

Thrashing your mobile data every month? Good news to every mobile subscriber who has excess mobile data out there! Now, you have a choice!

An international award winning start-up, Simplify, has launched a mobile app to let you sell your unutilized monthly mobile data bandwidth for cash. In its mission to make Internet more affordable and accessible, Simplify aims to rechannel unused Internet bandwidth for the needy. Remember, there are still 4 Billion people on the planet without Internet access.

Resell Your Extra Mobile Data

The company first launched its service in late 2016 and since be crowned two major accolades which includes being named as one of the Most Innovative Companies and Most Disruptive Business on the planet. Its notable use cases cover Grab drivers selling to passengers as an extra income, tour guides selling to foreign tourists who didn’t purchase a local SIM card or refused to turn on the expensive data roaming.

Interestingly, Simplify tends to create a new sharing economy in the mobile broadband space to benefit 3 major segments of mobile users: 1) Unlimited data plan; 2) Mid-tier data plan with huge data quota; 3) Prepaid plan with very limited quota.

If you fall under the first two categories, Simplify has the right solution for you to sell off your unused data bandwidth to subsidize your own mobile data plan! This app has created a win-win solution to the consumers: You sell your unused mobile data for cash, and buyers get to buy your data on a pay-as-you-go basis. Sellers can fix the rate they wish to sell, for example RM8/GB. Like Grab and AirBnB, Simplify will take 20% commission out of the total data revenue sold (p/s: the company needs it to maintain their server).

Having leftover mobile data? Sell with Simplify now.

Smart, Seamless and Secure

No contract, no hidden cost, all you need is to sign up a PayPal account to start selling your un-utilized bandwidth. All transactions are cashless. On top of that, connecting on Simplify is convenient as buyers are not required to key in any Wi-Fi password in order to access the Internet, as Simplify will connect you smartly on the fly.

All you have to do is just to choose which connection has the strongest network strength, click it, and there you go! You’re connected. Fret not on the security of this app, because you are in safe hands of Simplify as the app double-encrypt your hotspot password in the phone, and it does not forward or store your Wi-Fi password on the cloud. Simplify takes security and privacy of their users as first priority.

Simplify caters for convenience and security. Have you Simplify?