Simplify aims BIG with AirAsia's BigPay


Simplify now lets you connect and charge through your AirAsia's BigPay card starting January 1st, 2020. Just link up your BigPay Mastercard on Simplify app and go completely cashless when you connect and pay for your Internet usage on-the-go!

While data roaming is expensive and swapping travel SIM card can be tedious, Simplify, an Internet-sharing company, offers travelers an affordable Internet service where you can connect on-the-fly. Simplify's on-demand service enables its users to buy and use data bandwidth over Wi-Fi hotspots, and pay only for the actual data usage rounded down to the number of megabytes used. For example, tourists connecting to use their tour guide's personal hotspot, fully on-demand and cashless.

No Frills, Local Internet Rates

Unlike any other telco services, Simplify comes without a contract, with no data cap and no upfront deposit. The best thing is, travelers pay a standard local Internet rate e.g. RM10 per Gb, on a pay-as-you-go basis. That is to say, if you used up 30Mb of data, you pay only 30 cents, charged straight to your BigPay card. It's that simple, isn't it?

Furthermore, if you are connecting Simplify abroad, BigPay will ensure you get the best currency exchange rate with 0% bank transaction fee. This comes in very affordable and handy for cost-conscious tourists.

Use Simplify to earn BIG Points

Connect and use Simplify with BigPay lets you earn BIG Points to redeem free AirAsia flights. If you're planning for your next trip, don't wait! Sign up and link your BigPay card on Simplify, start using Simplify and earn BIG Points on every transaction. You can even track your Internet usage spending via the BigPay app.

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Track your Simplify Internet usage spending on BigPay app

Get Simplify on Google Play Store and Huawei App Gallery now.