Simplify GIGA: Global Internet Access at One Price


At the brink of 5G era, Internet access is already a commodity. While the Internet is openly accessible, why are we still paying different Internet rates to stream the same YouTube video online? How might we standardize the cost of accessing Internet at one global price?

GIGA, which stands for Global Internet Gigabyte Access, is a new currency for Internet access. 1 GIGA is worth 1GB of data, regardless of where you are.

Internet users can now purchase GIGA at a standardized global price and use it to connect to any Simplify hotspot in the world. The GIGA credit will be deducted based on the actual data usage. For instance, you could purchase 1 GIGA upfront in San Francisco and use it to pay for 1GB worth of data while traveling in Singapore.


Now, Simplify users can buy GIGA via its app with Visa or Mastercard, or even on Stripe and PayPal. While the price for each GIGA is fixed globally, it is imperishable and network independent. As such, users may now pay in GIGA while network providers (individual Simplify sellers) would get cash payout in return. This literally makes Internet-sharing a new gig economy!

1 GIGA = 1 GB of Internet Data (Worldwide)


With GIGA, you can connect to a fixed Wi-Fi or a mobile hotspot around the world. This saves the hassles of reloading prepaid credits or getting a travel SIM card abroad. GIGA enables you to seamlessly connect to anyone on the move, regardless of wireless carrier or country which you are traveling to.


Remember, we live in a borderless Internet world. GIGA makes Internet bandwidth shareable and transferable. In the near future, you may be able to donate or share GIGA to the underprivileged communities in bringing affordable Internet to the masses.