Simplify Lets You Sell Your Home Broadband


In celebration of the 50th World Telecommunication and Information Society Day, Simplify, a Malaysian-based mobile technology startup, has created a technology to let you resell your broadband Internet.

Simplify’s solution can turn any existing Wi-Fi access point into a sellable Wi-Fi network. With a simple sign-up process on Simplify’s website, you can get a unique Wi-Fi name and password, set it on your Wi-Fi router and start earning like a little Internet Service Provider. This simple yet innovative solution does not require any special hardware, tested to work on most Wi-Fi routers.

In 2017, Simplify has been named one the World’s 50 Most Innovative Companies, for reselling excess mobile data. Today, the startup has extended its technology to disrupt the fixed broadband space.

Creating a Sustainable Networked Society

Aligning to UN’s Sustainable Development Goal of Sustainable Consumption and Production, Simplify’s Internet sharing approach has brought sharing economy to the broadband space, rechanneling under-utilized Internet bandwidth to achieve optimal consumption. Not only such approach reduces digital wastage, it relieves network congestion too. In addition, this may save local governments millions of dollars a year in deploying and maintaining public Wi-Fi networks.

Like ridesharing, instead of letting every Internet user connects to the network individually, now they could co-ride on a single data channel to reduce network control and signaling traffic, consuming less energy in the process. This ultimately minimizes our carbon footprints, saving network resources in building a sustainable networked society.

"Simplify is making smartphones smarter by connecting to Wi-Fi seamlessly and securely. We call this ZeroTouch." Yen Pei Tay, Co-founder & CEO, Simplify.

Zero Touch Patented Technology

Simplify has designed its solution such that smartphones can automatically discover, connect and access to any available Smarter Wi-Fi. The technology auto-encrypt Wi-Fi owner’s password without having to make it known and auto-decrypt the password on the fly using its own proprietary algorithm. Its US-patented technology provides seamless connectivity experience, by enabling mobile devices to connect to Simplify’s Smarter Wi-Fi network without having to enter a password.

Wi-Fi are everywhere but they are mostly locked and we are not able to connect to them. Thus, Simplify is creating a technology to open up Wi-Fi for everyone.


Meet Simplify @ InnoVEX, May 29-31, 2019.
Exhibition Hall 1, Taipei World Trade Center, Taipei, Taiwan.