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Simplify introduces the world's first Internet sharing platform

KUALA LUMPUR — August 16, 2016


Having too much mobile data every month? Waste not. Simplify, an Android app founded by MIT-affiliated entrepreneur, aims to disrupt telecommunications space by enabling you to sell your extra bandwidth for money. All you need to do is to turn on your mobile hotspot, set a price and start selling like any wireless carrier.


Imagine when you are riding on an Uber, the driver shares his Simplify hotspot with you in the car at a pay-per-use model. This proves extremely useful especially when you are traveling abroad without a data plan. Also, think about if you could piggy-back on someone’s mobile data while hunting for Pokémon.


The new telecom disruptor


Simplify is building the sharing economy in telecommunications space, has just made everyone an Internet Service Provider.



Pay Per Use


Unlike traditional mobile data plans, which confuse users with various pricing tiers and capped quota, Simplify users pay only for what they use. Such profound approach opens up new possibilities of instant connection, especially for frequent travelers. Why buy a foreign SIM card while you can ride on Simplify wherever you go? Why stick to a single wireless carrier if you have a choice of accessing the best network at different time and location, paying only for what you need. This makes mobile Internet truly accessible and affordable to everyone.



Flexible Pricing . Cashless Payment


Now, Simplify enables every mobile subscriber to sell their excess bandwidth at their own price with one touch setting on the app. In this release, it supports selling in 5 different currencies namely US Dollar, UK Pound, Euro, Malaysian Ringgit and Singapore Dollar.


Integrated with PayPal, users pay using their debit or credit cards and sellers collect their payout on PayPal wallet. Simplify draws commission from the total revenue collected by the sellers.



Seamless Connection . Fast Secured Hotspots


Built-in with patented technology, Simplify enables sellers to set up their hotspots at one tap, with Wi-Fi password created automatically. On the other side, Simplify users connect to these secured Wi-Fi without having to ask or key in any password, as it is matched and authenticated seamlessly in the background. It just connects!



Simplify vs. Google’s Project Fi


In comparison to Google’s Project Fi, Simplify requires neither a subscription plan nor specific handset model to work. It supports all Android smartphones with data-reselling capability.


One Internet Plan . Cross-Country . Cross-Operator


While mobile carriers cap our data and impose hefty roaming charges abroad, Simplify empowers data-sharing for everyone independently regardless of data plans, telcos and countries. It lets user connect and pay in local currencies too. Most interestingly, you only require one Simplify account for all your devices without having to subscribe to multiple data plans.



Reduce Carbon Footprint


Simplify provides an extra mile of connectivity for good cause. Instead of establishing separate data connections, Simplify users may co-ride on a single connection to the mobile network. Much like ride-sharing service, Simplify’s net-pooling strategy not only conserve device battery by connecting to Wi-Fi (instead of mobile data which drains battery faster) but help in relieving network congestion. This ultimately reduce our carbon footprints, saving network resources in the long run.






Simplify is founded with the mission to “Redefine Mobile Internet”. The startup was previously backed by Cradle Investment Fund, an agency chartered under Ministry of Finance, Malaysia. In August 2015, the founder brought Simplify to Massachusetts Institute of Technology (MIT) Entrepreneurship Bootcamp to strengthen its business model and commercialize it into a full-fledge multi-sided platform. The technology that powered Simplify's seamless Wi-Fi authentication has since granted a US Patent.





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Simplify named as one of the Most Disruptive ventures in the World

May 31, 2017

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