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Simplify sets to expand globally with its new franchising model

KUALA LUMPUR — May 17, 2017


Simplify, a pioneer in bringing sharing economy to the mobile broadband space, is introducing a global franchising model as part of its expansion plan. Think of Simplify as the McDonald’s of mobile internet, where its brand, platform and operating model can be replicated and tailored for different countries.


“Many sharing economy platforms do not live up to the values of sharing at the root. In fact, these companies control everything, from their business models, marketing strategies to products, embedded with secretive pricing algorithms and complex payout formulas. There is a limit to such model,” says Simplify creator Yen Pei Tay.


Under the new global franchising model, the Malaysian-based technology startup offers qualified business partners to launch its P2P internet sharing service in their respective home markets on a profit sharing basis.


“The realization of sharing economy would be incomplete without unlocking all potential markets with local intelligence. It is impossible to keep flying someone in from the headquarters to learn about every new market. Therefore, we think it is best to open up our platform via a proven franchising model,” Tay explains.


Ranked as one of the world’s 50 Most Innovative Companies by Fast Company earlier this year, the fast-growing startup is embracing open innovation approach to learn from their business partners.


“We have received many enquiries from potential partners in Australia, Latin America and the Middle East prior to making this announcement today. We believe it would be frictionless to let our local partners run the show, figure out the best use cases, marketing strategy, payment channel to integrate with and so forth, to make Simplify compelling to the locals. This is an innovative way to grow,” he claims.


Simplify enables users to buy and sell mobile data on the fly e.g. Uber drivers selling Internet access to tourist passengers. What makes Simplify different is that the service lets sellers determine their own data price. Amazingly, you could be a seller on one telco network and become a buyer piggybacking on someone else’s data on the other telco network, all using the same app.


“Our business partners are fully incentivized to promote P2P data sharing. There is little to no cost to them as we own zero network infrastructure. One day, we might become the world’s largest wireless carrier without owning a single mobile tower,” Tay laughs. 



 Mobile payment has been one of its key challenge since launch.


“Mobile payment is deeply localized. So far I haven’t seen any one-size-fits-all solution that could work seamlessly across the globe. There are markets where credit cards are not widely accepted. For instance, in China, you would probably need Alipay or WeChat Pay and in India, you might require Paytm perhaps. The locals know this better than us,” he explains.


Sharing economy like Simplify wrestles the bargaining power back to consumers and creates great values for society. By turning smartphones into little wireless hotspots, Simplify is bringing affordable internet for everyone.


Register your interest for Simplify Global Franchising Program here: https://goo.gl/2RHnJt






Simplify creates a marketplace for users to buy and sell excess mobile data from their monthly plans, extending sharing economy to the mobile broadband space. Simplify enables sellers to set their data prices at one touch and the service dynamically creates an encrypted hotspot password so buyers can seamlessly piggyback on another person's internet access on the fly. Headquartered in Malaysia, Simplify idea and its business model were validated and refined at Massachusetts Institute of Technology (MIT) Global Entrepreneurship Bootcamp. The technology that powered Simplify has since granted a US Patent.






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Simplify named as one of the Most Disruptive ventures in the World

May 31, 2017

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