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Simplify named as one of the Most Disruptive ventures in the World

KUALA LUMPUR — June 1, 2017



In just 3 months after being named as one of the world’s most innovative companies, Simplify is now ranked among the most disruptive ventures in the world.


In the latest 2017 world ranking published by Disrupt 100 today, Simplify is ranked on the 8th place. The ranking is judged by leading innovators and industry experts from Google, Uber, Oracle, Microsoft Ventures, Virgin Startup, KPMG etc. who looked for businesses with the most potential to influence, change and create new global markets.



The editorial team asked Simplify creator and co-founder, Yen Pei Tay, on his thoughts why Simplify is so disruptive:



1 > What does this award mean to the team?


The award is very meaningful to all of us here at Simplify, it is a solid testament to Simplify’s game-changing idea and disruptive business model. Being one of the most innovative is one thing but being disruptive, and we got both now, it really takes credible thought process and effort to do that.




2 > In what ways do you think Simplify is disruptive?


I recall one VP of a telecom grudgingly said: “Frankly, I don’t know how to deal with Simplify. You’re throwing a party in my backyard without inviting me!” I guess we might look like a pirate, but that’s how disruptive it could be.


Personally, I am an all-time fan of Clay Christensen’s Disruptive Innovation Theory. Even a few years back when I first learnt about his theory, I kept thinking on how we could open up mobile internet to make it more affordable, accessible and easier to use.


Fundamentally, I think Simplify embraces those characteristics of disruptive innovation, where we have the technology core that comes in at the bottom of the mobile broadband market or even non-existence market like P2P data sharing, offering on-demand Internet service where the margin is totally negligible. Rationally speaking, none of the mobile carriers would be interested in our market.




3 > How will Simplify continue to be disruptive?


I can't say for sure that we can continue to be disruptive but I envision one day, when we purchase a new smartphone, we no longer have to trudge into a mobile shop getting a SIM card anymore. We can just subscribe and change our data plan online anytime on Simplify.







Simplify creates a marketplace for users to buy and sell excess mobile data from their monthly plans, extending sharing economy to the mobile broadband space. Simplify enables sellers to set their data prices at one touch and the service dynamically creates an encrypted hotspot password so buyers can seamlessly piggyback on another person's internet access on the fly. Headquartered in Malaysia, the technology that powered Simplify has since granted a US Patent.






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Simplify named as one of the Most Disruptive ventures in the World

May 31, 2017

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